Status Update

Thought we’d write a quick status update today.

Localization is looking awesome! We seem to rarely lose track of where we are, so that is awesome for making quick decisions and generally looking intelligent. This was helped by lots of vision refinements and proper identification of corners.

Comm/WiFi is working… sort of. Field D, which we are playing our first round robin pool on, is closest to the other leagues and has the worst interference. So it might be hard to start playing, but should get easier as the competition goes on.

Goalie is making progress and is getting smarter by the hour.

Our approach to the ball looks great. We are orbiting better and not walking through the ball as much anymore.

We have a scrimmage at 8:30 local time, that’s 2:30pm EDT and 11:30 PDT (Hi Mom!).

More details to come after that . Stay tuned!

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