The Future

Hi all, Chown Dawg here. For those of you worried about whether there will be Robocup in the future – don’t be. Indications are that the 4 legged league will have at least two more years after this one. Assuming things go well this year I’m pretty confident that Bowdoin will roll out another team next year.

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  1. hwork

    Chown Dawg!

    There has been a request on the mailing list for all teams to submit their anticipated number of aibos to purchase for the years 2007 and 2008. They’re trying to get some third-party company to purchase a fleet of aibos and then resell them to teams in the next few years.

    We have 10 ERS7’s and two more that have been shipped… do you expect we’ll buy more in the next two years if we can?

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