The Race is On!

We still only have two robots and competition starts Saturday. We sent two robots back to France to be upgraded around March 1st and they promptly languished in customs until today. Now Aldebaran has shipped us our two new robots! Will they make it in time? They are currently in Orly, France.

Keep up with the race!

Update (4/13): I awoke this morning hoping to see that the robots had arrived in Boston. And was surprised to see them on holiday in East Midland, UK! Not a good sign!

Update (4/14): Well the robots have visited Cincinatti (!) and are continuing their helter skelter journey. Will they make it? I’m hopeful.
Update 2 (4/14): They are in Boston and are scheduled for shipping! Will we get them today?
Update 3 (4/14): Yes! They’re here!

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