Trustee scrimmage: NBites atlanta 7, NBites hannover 0

We just finished our one-half-only scrimmage in Lancaster for the trustees. Our current team (in blue) beat our old team from hannover (in red) 7-0 in 9 minutes of play. Though our vision calibration probably favored the atlanta team, and shooting on the yellow goal, the game was engaging to watch. The atlanta team moved the ball well (as is to be expected), and converted on every attack. The Trustees were all very interested, and asked lots of questions which was good. Some of them even asked questions beyond the usual, getting at important issues like why we did so well in atlanta, and how we manage to be so cool (jk). Before the scrimmage began, Professor Chown introduced all the team members, and talked a bit about our team philosophy, and our journey over the past several years.
Looking ahead two weeks to our big Parents Weekend scrimmage on the 27th, we seem to be pretty set. Obviously we will want to have a slightly better tuned color table, but overall, seems like we have reduced the huge ordeal of having a scrimmage to only a couple of hours of prep time (last night, we were out of the venue in only 4 hours, including flield and light setup and calibration).

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