Momentos Naturales Colombia

Momentos Naturales Colombia is a series of short videos in Spanish about animals and plants that just about anyone in Latin America can easily find near their home, whether they live in the … [Read more...]

Nature Moments

“Nature Moments” is a weekly series of short videos designed to showcase the natural history of common plants and animals. If you live in eastern North America, you will be able to find almost all … [Read more...]

The Punkah Project

In many elite Southern homes, punkahs, ceiling-mounted fans manipulated by enslaved workers, were an integral part of the architecture of the dining room in the antebellum United States. Paralleling … [Read more...]

Bowdoin Marine Laboratory

The Bowdoin Marine Laboratory is the scientific component of Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center. We are geographically centered a former farm, consisting of 118 acres of coastal spruce-pine forest with … [Read more...]

Mary Rothbart’s Temperament Questionnaires

In 1981, Dr. Rothbart introduced the Infant Behavior Questionnaire, a parent- report instrument based in her definition of temperament as “constitutionally based individual differences in reactivity … [Read more...]

Digital and Computational Studies Initiative Blog

New and emerging technologies are transforming the production and dissemination of knowledge. Digital and computational methods and analysis are creating the ability and opportunity to address new … [Read more...]

Dante Today – Citings & Sightings of Dante’s Works in Contemporary Culture

This experimental website, inspired by students of Arielle Saiber’s “Dante’s Divine Comedy” course, has been built to archive occurrences of Dante and his works in popular and contemporary culture of … [Read more...]

A River Lost and Found: The Androscoggin in Time and Place

Previously labeled as one of nation’s most polluted rivers, the Androscoggin River has slowly, if incompletely, recovered over time. Yet the river that allegedly inspired the 1972 Clean Water Act … [Read more...]

Forty Years: The History of Women at Bowdoin

In the fall of 1971, the first full class of women students arrived on the Bowdoin College campus, ushering in official coeducation. Forty years later, in 2011, when women formed just over 50% of the … [Read more...]