I’ve been teaching in the Economics department at Bowdoin since 2012 and prior to that I was assistant professor at Oregon State University from 2008-2012. My courses here are on microeconomics, behavioral economics, information and uncertainty, and game theory. Besides the standard material I generally try to stress two relatively non-standard lessons: 1) be Bayesian; 2) internalize your externalities. My research is on belief formation, political media, polarization, and inter-personal hostility (a.k.a. affective polarization). I’m optimistic about this being typically due to misunderstanding (and therefore being usually resolvable), based on both personal experience and my research. I served with Americorps and worked for Novantas (consulting) between college and grad school, and am originally from Charlottesville, VA (and miss the old UVA pep band).

Here’s my book on affective polarization (Amazon link here and more detail here and here). There’s an open-access version here and any $ I receive from sales of hard copies will be donated to anti-polarization organizations.

Please also check out my research-service website Media Trades (http://mediatrades.org/). More info here. Let me know if you’re interested in participating or having a class participate! Some other anti-polarization stuff: the Strengthening Democracy Challenge (some info here) and Polar Bear Purple Media Plunge.