At Bowdoin College:

BIOL 2232 Benthic Ecology – A course module in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semster, offered every Fall. An introduction to the ecological processes that control the abundance and distribution of benthic organisms. Field work is based in the Gulf of Maine and Gulf of California.

BIOL 1090 Understanding Climate Change – A non-majors course (INS) designed to improve comprehension of the scientific, political, and social issues surrounding global warming. Offered in the Spring.

At the University of Hawaii I taught:

ZOOL 487/719 Molecular Ecology. Introduction to the concepts and techniques of applying DNA sequence variation to understand ecological problems. Discussion and Lab. Taught at the senior undergraduate/graduate student level.

BIOL 404 Advanced Topics in Marine Biology. Senior capstone course for marine biology majors stressing critical thinking, writing, and oral communication.

BIOL 301/301L Marine Ecology and Evolution. Complimentary lecture and lab course for marine biology majors.

Occasional courses at the University of Hawaii:

BIOL 375 Concepts of genetics. Team taught. I lecture on statistics, population, quantitative, and evolutionary genetics. Fall semester, 2010 & 2012

ZOOL 719 The Evolutionary Ecology of Adaptive Radiation. Graduate seminar featuring Dolph Schluter’s text of the same name, and Jerry Coyne and Allen Orr’s “Speciation.” Spring semester, 2005

ZOOL 619 Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Biology