Marine Science Semester Alums attend the 46th Benthic Ecology Meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC

Sam Walkes ’18, Aidan Coyle ’17, Dave, and Alana Luzzio “17 celebrate the success of the meeting.

Bowdoin had a wonderful showing at the Benthic Ecology Meeting/Southeastern Estuarine Research Society meeting hosted in Myrtle Beach, SC over the past week.

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester Alums presented their independent and honors research at the meeting:
Alana Luzzio ’17 spoke on linking genes, environment, and phenotype in Gulf of Maine clam species; Aidan Coyle ’17 talked on physiological and genetic differences between two types of invasive green crabs; and Sam Walkes ’18 presented a poster on adaptive coloration in a species of Gulf of Maine intertidal snail.

Aidan Coyle ’17and Sam Walkes ’18 meet acclaimed coral reef biologist Dr. Howard Lasker.

Director of Coastal Studies Center Dave Carlon presented work on movement of genes between invasive green crab lineages.

Aidan Coyle won the meeting-wide prize for best undergraduate student talk.

Aidan Coyle ’17 wins best undergrad student presentation.