Science Communication with Computational Genomics

This spring semester, Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Kingston launched a Computational Genomics course. Students learned both statistical theory and practical applications involved with analysis of genome-scale data.

After the long process of independently analyzing and interpreting omic-scale datasets, students tapped their creative, collaborative talents with a final science communication piece.

Students Rob Barron, Eileen Bates, Steve Cho, and Julia Michels created this fantastic stop-motion video to communicate how genomic research can help conserve fish species.

Other creative projects included describing the role of long non-coding RNAs in cancer, microbial metagenomics and type II diabetes, gene expression-related health impacts of performance enhancing drugs, and microevolution in rapidly changing environments.

The final presentation even ended with interactive art (directed by students Nora Cullen, Pilar Giffenig, Sofi Lopez, Alana Luzzio, and Casey Silvernale).