The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum houses a great number of lantern slides from the Crocker Land Expedition. A selection of these slides, those belonging to Donald B. MacMillan, are scanned and searchable by tags and by keywords in the titles and other metadata, including accession number, artist, title, date of creation, form, media & support, dimensions, and location of creation.

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Lantern slides, also known as “magic lantern slides”, are photographs printed on glass so they can be projected for viewing with a slide projector. Predating the invention of photography, early lantern slides were hand-painted, and projected by candlelight as a form of entertainment. In the 20th century, photographic lantern slides were made by printing a negative onto a light-sensitive lantern glass, thus producing a positive photograph. Sometimes the slides were tinted by hand using special ink, as seen in many slides in the museum’s collection. Learn more about lantern slides here and here.

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