Graduate Program: Coastal Science and Policy Program at University of California, Santa Cruz (Deadline to apply: 12/15/17)

Coastal Science and Policy Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz,
is a new MS Program looking for the students who will start the next generation of conservation orgs.

This new program will select the best 10 candidates from anywhere in the world with all tuition and living expenses covered. I’d like to see the program filled with the best future conservation leaders from high biodiversity countries who are already working with effective conservation organizations. Please forward this announcement to prospective candidates.

The MS program emphasizes international diversity, entrepreneurship and data-driven action to achieve conservation at scale. The curriculum incorporates experience-based learning, hands-on research, and a deep understanding of the multifaceted problems that face coastal systems. In addition to their rigorous coursework, students will be encouraged to take on an internship during their first summer, as well as conduct their own capstone research projects during their second year of study. Linking academic researchers and graduate students directly with conservation, business, and policy practitioners provides dual immersion in the academic and practitioner cultures and contexts and, ultimately, the ability to work fluidly across the science-practice interface.

Applications for the first cohort open October 1, 2017, and close December 15, 2017.
Please forward this email to promising candidates who you believe will be a good fit for the program. Visit our website or blog post for more information.

Announcement: Backpacking with a purpose


Operation Groundswell is a non-profit organization that runs international volunteering programs, focusing on social justice issues and working alongside local activists, organizations, and communities. We are looking for globally conscious and socially active students who want to spend their summer exploring some of the most complex and beautiful countries in the world!

If you’re into cultural exchange, meaningful community service, and off-the-beaten path adventure, apply by November 22nd  to secure an interview for your first-choice program!

*Financial assistance is available for all students on five- and six-week programs.

Check out where we go:

Summer programs are open in the following countries and regions:

Bolivia – Environmental Justice

Thailand – Alternative Tourism, Environmental Conservation, or Food Justice

India – Alternative Education or Gender & Religion

Guatemala – Human Rights, Food Justice, or Fair Trade

Cambodia – Environmental Justice or Alternative Education

Peru – Human Rights, Environmental Justice, or Alternative Tourism

Ecuador – Food Justice

Middle East- Peace and Conflict

Can’t travel in the summer? Join us for our alternative breaks in the winter and spring!

Announcement: CLIMATE CHANGE THEATER ACTION @ Bowdoin needs You!

  • Do you like to talk about climate change?

  • Are you passionate about the environment?

  • Interested in exploring new avenues of climate communication?

  • Want to participate in theatre that makes a difference?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider participating in Climate Change Theatre Action! The Bowdoin Theatre and Dance Department and Masque & Gown are partnering with the Environmental Studies Program and Bowdoin Climate Action to be a part of a national theatre festival (CCAT) that presents short plays and one acts concerning climate change and climate science.

The CCAT festival is an annual theatre festival that takes place globally; Bowdoin is one of many institutions involved. Our intention in joining the CCAT is to bring environmentally-minded theatre to Bowdoin, and we want students from both theatre and ES to be involved in both the staging and performance of these plays.The performance takes place on November 5th, and we are in need of actors and directors. Although directors will need to have had some experience directing productions prior to the CCAT, actors of all levels of experience (including none) are welcome!

​In addition, we are in need of people who are familiar with issues related to climate change to serve as our dramaturges– that is, construct short blurbs for the plays that provide background information on the issues tackled within the plays. This is essential to the process, as these blurbs will provide clarification to not only actors and directors, but also audience members that may not be familiar with these concerns, while simultaneously supporting the integrity of the production.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Madison (Maddi) Kuras ’18 ( for more details.

Climate scientists estimate we have fifteen years to decarbonize the economy if we want to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. The time for action is now. But action requires a hopeful vision of the future. For CCTA 2017, we are asking: “How can we turn the challenges of climate change into opportunities?”

*Become part of climate change theater Action*