On-Campus Event: Carbon Dioxide Removal Approaches – Their Potential Role in Addressing Climate Change, Wed. 10/9, Roux Lantern

Carbon Dioxide Removal Approaches: Their Potential Role in Addressing Climate Change
Wednesday, October 9, 4:30 pm
Lantern, Roux Center for the Environment

Wil Burns, Co-Director and Professor of Research, Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy, American University

In recent years, there has been mounting evidence that temperature increases of 1.5–2°C above preindustrial levels could have extremely serious impacts on global ecosystems and human institutions, especially in vulnerable developing countries.  There has also been growing concern that feckless climate policy responses may ensure that the globe exceeds critical climatic thresholds during this century, or that we could pass critical “tipping points” that precipitate abrupt, and nonlinear, climatic change on the earth. This has created a powerful impetus for research on, and potential deployment of, so-called “carbon dioxide removal” or “negative emissions technologies.“ While the initial focus was on the potential for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), serious questions related to cost and sustainability has led to consideration of a much broader potential array of options. The purpose of this presentation will be to provide an overview of CDR/NETs options, including potential risks and benefits, as well as to briefly discuss governance considerations at the international level. (Laura Henry)

On-Campus Event: The Sourdough project: How Public Service and History reveal stories behind our daily bread, Thursday 10/10, 7PM, Roux Lantern

The Sourdough project: How Public Service and History reveal stories behind our daily bread (Matthew Morse Booker)
Thursday, October 10 7:00
Roux Center for the Environment Lantern

Join us to sample a fresh batch of sourdough bread from the Sourdough Project, and find out what stories a loaf of bread tell us about nature, culture, and the complex history of food.

In this engaging and interdisciplinary talk, Matthew Booker will share the initial results of the Sourdough Project. A global citizen science effort based at North Carolina State University, the project is a long-term effort to map and genetically sequence some of humanity’s many microbial partners: the yeasts and bacteria found in sourdough bread.


On-Campus Event: Finding the Good News on Energy and Environment, Thursday, 10/10, 7:30 PM

Finding the Good News on Energy and Environment (Richard Alley)
Thursday, October 10  at 7:30, Smith Auditorium

PBK Visiting Scholar Richard Alley, Evan Pugh University Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University, will visit Bowdoin College on October 10-11, 2019. Professor Alley will give his lecture, “Climate Has Always Changed Naturally – How Climate History Increases Concerns About Fossil-Fuel Burning,” in the Smith Auditorium of Bowdoin College’s Sills Hall. The event will last from 7:30pm until 8:30pm, and is free and open to the public.

Off-Campus Event: AQUARELA at Frontier

Aquarela – Showings at Frontier at 3:00 and 7:00 PM
Directed by Viktor Kossakovsky
Genre: Documentary
1hr 30mins
Rated PG

AQUARELA takes audiences on a deeply cinematic journey through the transformative beauty and raw power of water. Captured at a rare 96 frames-per-second, the film is a visceral wake-up call that humans are no match for the sheer force and capricious will of Earth’s most precious element. From the precarious frozen waters of Russia’s Lake Baikal to Miami in the throes of Hurricane Irma to Venezuela’s mighty Angel Falls, water is AQUARELA’s main character, with director Victor Kossakovsky capturing her many personalities in startling cinematic clarity. The film will be shown in theaters at 48 frames-per-second, double the typical 24 frames-per-second, as projectors with the ability to project at 96-frames-per-second are extremely rare today, but when the time comes that the capacity is there, AQUARELA will be one of the first films to be shown at that speed.

On Campus Event: The Policies and Politics of Pricing Carbon in Today’s Washington , Wed. 9/25 4:00 PM, Roux 207

The Policies and Politics of Pricing Carbon in Today’s Washington
Talk by Danny Richter                                       
Wednesday, September 25 4:00pm
Roux Center for the Environment. room 207

Dinner post-talk in Mitchell South, Thorne Hall

The policy tool that scientists and economists say will do the most to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the fastest and the cheapest is having

its first bi-partisan moment in a decade.  Three serious bipartisan carbon pricing bills have been introduced that modeling indicates will, by themselves, meet the US commitments for emissions reductions under the Paris Climate Agreement. Who is supporting them, what chance do they have, and why are experts so enthusiastic about this kind of policy?

Dr. Danny Richter, Vice President of Government Affairs for Citizens’ Climate Lobby will be addressing all of these questions and more in this talk. An insider who helped introduce one of those carbon pricing bills, Dr. Richter will talk about why these policies are so effective, and walk through the politics surrounding these three bipartisan bills.

Off Campus Event: Portland Climate Strike Sept. 20

350 Maine, Maine Youth Climate Strikes, and Maine Youth for Climate Justice are organizing a Global Climate Strike This fall, youth around the world will come together to strike for the climate. Join the conversation between activists and representatives.

Friday, September 20, 2019 at 12:00 PM
Portland City Hall, 389 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

Off-Campus Event: Common Ground Fair!, Unity Maine, Sept 20-22

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association proudly presents: THE COMMON GROUND FAIR! This Unity, Maine fair draws all sorts of local artists, producers, vendors, and craftspeople to the three-day extravaganza. Reach out to other students and organizations to find rides to the fair. Entrance fee changed. Unity, ME, September 20, 21, and 22 (Friday-Sunday).


Off-Campus Event: Bogs and Fens – Ecology of the Heath, Tuesday, 9.24 6PM, Topsham Public Library

Did you know that Topsham has a ‘heath,’ related to the moors found in Great Britain?

Sept 24, 6:00 pm at the Topsham Public Library

Master Naturalist Fred Cichocki will describe the ecology of the 12-acre heath located at Cathance Rive Nature Preserve in Topsham and other sphagnum moss wetlands. Enhance your fall excursion to Topsham’s Heath by learning about this unique ecosystem.

Outdoors in Midcoast Maine: Trail Run Series – WOODWARD POINT PRESERVE, Oct 10 @ 5:15, Brunswick

Join us on the second Thursday of October  (Oct 10)at 5:15pm for a casual trail run on Brunswick Topsham Land Trust (BTLT) trails!

These outings will be casual trail runs, not races. At each location we will designate running loops with a meeting point about 0.75 to 1.0 miles away from the parking place. We will re-group there. Those that wish can return to the parking place (having run 1.5 to 2.0 miles). Others may wish to continue on to tackle other loops. Most runs cover 3 to 4 miles in total.

Please register for this free event.

For directions to this event, click here.