Off Campus Event: Science, Technology and Sustainability Conference (Annapolis, MD Nov 13-15, 2016)

Science, Technology and Sustainability– the 7th Annual Naval Academy Science and Engineering Conference
Nov, 13-15 November 2016
Annapolis, Maryland

Up to four undergraduate students from Bowdoin College to attend and participate

This year’s conference is titled “Science, Technology, and Sustainability” and it is organized around three technical themes:

Energy and Alternative Fuels (Professor Laura Schaefer, Rice University)
Cyber Physical Systems (Professor Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
Water and Sustainability (Professor Sandra McLellan, University of Washington, Madison)

A main objective of this conference is to bring together undergraduate students from a wide variety of institutions of higher education to foster discussions about STEM and the challenges our nation faces in solving some of the critical technical issues we encounter now and will be encountering in the near future. Keynote speakers from academia, government and industry will present their perspectives on the main topic of the conference to the attendees. . (Information on NASEC 2015 is available at We will have this year’s website up in a few short weeks.)

It is our plan to follow the successful approach of the previous six NASEC conferences, with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) introducing the technical themes during their presentations on the first day of the conference.

Please contact Rosie Armstrong if you are interested in attending by Thursday, Sept 29.

Our goal is to have undergraduate student representatives from a cross-section of science and engineering colleges and universities in North America. We are hoping to have about 150 or so student participants, including the Naval Academy midshipmen who will serve as student organizers, leaders and hosts.

The Naval Academy will provide lodging in a local hotel, bus transportation between the hotel and the Academy, and all meals and refreshments during NASEC 2016. The student attendees (and/or their home institutions) will be responsible for the transportation arrangements and costs for the students to get to the conference hotel by noon on Sunday, 13 November and to return home on Tuesday evening, 15 November (the conference ends by 1300 on Tuesday).

If faculty members from your institution who would like to participate as mentors or as SMEs during NASEC 2016, please let us know so that we can reach out to them to discuss opportunities and arrangements.

USNA looks forward to hosting your students and to have them be participants in these important discussions. Based on past conferences and feedback, the attendees found this to be a unique experience, as the conference is a student organized event, and its success is dependent upon student discussion and their level of engagement and interactions.

Please feel free to call us, or have any of your staff members get in touch with us, if you have any questions. USNA looks forward to interacting with you and with having your students join NASEC 2016.
Reza Malek-Madani Cody Brownell
Director of Research and Scholarship Prof of Mechanical Engineering
US Naval Academy US Naval Academy
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