On Campus: Biology- ES Candidates on campus for Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies- Student Feedback Requested (2 weeks: Tues., Nov. 28-Friday, Dec. 8th. Dates specified below)

Dear ES majors:

The Biology Department and ES Program are currently conducting a search for a permanent tenure track faculty member.  We are looking for an environmental biologist working on problems of relevance to an Environmental Studies program, with possible emphases in community, ecosystem, and/or population ecology; potential fields could include, among others: conservation biology, fisheries, ecotoxicology, or limnology. This faculty member would teach the Introduction to Environmental Studies class, and likely a senior seminar for ES and/or Biology.

I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to participate in this search as a member of the Environmental Biologist Search Student Advisory Group.  The search committee strongly considers input provided by students in the final decision making process.

In this role, we would be asking you to join the candidate and other students for lunch on the following dates, and to also attend the reception and seminars.  Given your schedules, I am aware that you might not be able to join all the candidates for all activities.  We are looking for students who can commit to attending as many of these activities as their schedule allows.

Please let me know if you would be willing to participate. Please see below for the schedules for the first two candidates (this first will be on campus Tuesday. Nov 28). Schedules for all 4 seminars are set, as well as student lunches for the first two candidates on campus this week. Stay tuned for the schedule for student lunches for candidates 3&4.

Candidate 1: Theodore Willis

Tuesday, Nov 28
4:00 Seminar: “The Fish came to us”: How diadromy, communities and industry intersect in Maine Druck 20

Wed. Nov 29
12:00-12:45 Lunch with students, Mitchell South, Dining Room, Thorne Hall (sign in sheet at the checkers station for students without board)


Candidate 2: Mary Rogalski
Thursday, Nov 30
12:15-1:00 Lunch with students, Mitchell North, Thorne (sign in sheet at the checkers station for students without board)
4:00 Seminar: “Ecological and evolutionary responses to changes in lake chemical environments”, 20 Druckenmiller Hall

Candidate 3: Sydne record
Tuesday, Dec. 5

4:00 Seminar, Druck 20
Student lunch TBA

Candidate 4: Liba Pejchar
Thursday, Dec, 7
4:00 Seminar, Druck 20
Student lunch TBA


Thank you!