Internship Opportunity: Internships with Impact (Spring semester 2018)

Internships with Impact – Make a Difference 

Impact is a project of leading nonprofits that runs grassroots campaigns.  In Maine, Impact interns will work on the Federal Environmental Defense Campaign. Impact is looking for interns to help with Environment Maine’s campaign to defend our environmental protections in Congress again this spring.

Over the past 50 years, America has made progress for a clean environment through the creation of protections such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Car Standards.  Today, the administration is looking to eliminate these environmental protections, leaving us and future generations with a more polluted and dirtier environment.

To stop these rollbacks, Environment Maine is asking Senators King and Collins to commit to defending our environmental protections.  We’re targeting Senator Collins in particular because she is a moderate Republican who believes in climate change and environmental protection.

Impact interns will learn how to pressure and encourage legislators to vote for environmental protections in Congress by helping building support throughout Maine through grassroots support, opinion media, and attending a district meeting in Senator Collins’ office.

You can read more about our internships on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact Jacqueline Guyol at (314) 707-1445 or
Jacqueline Guyol
Campaign Organizer at Impact
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