Volunteer Opportunity: Girl Scouts of Maine- Think Like a Scientist


I am an Education and Outreach Coordinator with the Girl Scouts of Maine. The Girl Scouts of Maine is looking for students throughout Maine to provide young girls with the experience of being citizen scientists at a Girl Scout of Maine event. An event this year, we have been working to have organizations run activities that correlate to Girl Scout badges. One connection that we have is related to the badge “Think Like a Citizen Scientist”.

Girl Scouts of Maine thought that perhaps a local college would be willing to send students to run an activity related to any citizen science projects they have worked on, and could teach girls how this is useful in the scientific field. This would be great exposure for your school and help your students with a skill such as creating lessons. Not to mention your students would get to spend a day in Freeport, ME.  Please let me know if you have any students who are interested in inspiring young women and any questions you may have.

Roxanne James, APFG Program Assistant
Girl Scouts of Maine
South Portland Service Center