Volunteer Opportunity: Help needed creating window inserts in Brunswick

Help needed with a window insert project in Brunswick
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8-12, and 1-5
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, corner of Pleasant St. and Union

WindowDressers Brunswick Community Workshop all week, where we are putting together about 270 insulating window inserts.  We just had a cancellation of a group of 6 volunteers who were to help us put the inserts together this Tuesday.

About 40% of the inserts are going free of charge to Brunswick area folks who struggle to make ends meet, and we’d love to get Bowdoin students involved in future years.

Our Tuesday shifts run 8-12 in the morning and1-5 in the afternoon.  Even if students can only come for part of a shift, they would be most welcome.  Same is true on Thursday and Friday, where we are a bit shorthanded.  And we could use up to 7 people on Thursday evening, perhaps a more convenient time for students.  The workshop is taking place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at the corner of Pleasant and Union (entrance on the Union St. side).  We teach people their tasks on the spot.  It’s easy and fun!

I don’t know if you might have a way of getting the word out, but if you can, it would be great.  We have to finish all 270 inserts by the end of the day Saturday, when our equipment has to be returned for the next community build of inserts somewhere else.  Please use my cell number below if I can answer any questions you might have.

With best wishes!

Sam Saltonstall
Local Coordinator
207-389-4792 (home)
207-838-9843 (cell)