Volunteer Opportunity: Kaua’i AmeriCorps


Are you looking for novel and hands-on ways to teach and learn about sustainable development in today’s globalized world? Volunteer Kaua’i is here to connect college programs, groups, and students to authentic and educational volunteer opportunities on the island of Kauai. As a representative of community-based 501(c)(3) org, Malama Kaua’i, and the coordinator of the program, I’m writing to share with you why and how to arrange your educational opportunities on Kaua’i.

Why Kaua’i? Our island is the westernmost county of the U.S., and most remote of the Hawaiian islands, making it an ideal location to learn about the global effects of westernization without requiring a passport. Its unique post-colonial context opens student’s eyes to the past, present and future of globalization and gentrification. Meanwhile, the land-based indigenous Hawaiian culture demonstrates progressive resistance and alternative modes of development. Also known as “The Garden Isle,” and home to complex ecosystems, Kaua’i boasts numerous opportunities to study conservation and sustainability outdoors – not to mention the recreational possibilities.

We collaborate with college programs and groups to develop tailored ‘volunteer vacations.’ that match you’re interests. For example, we hosted an interdisciplinary group of Virginia Tech students and connected them with the resources to build a shed for a garden education at a local Hawaiian immersion school. We arrange internships and host student researches in a variety of fields as well – over the summer we hosted interns from Duke University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia, and more.

For students of the environment, public policy, development, health and more, gaining a perspective beyond one’s own community is integral to a well-rounded education. If you want to integrate beautiful and unique Kaua’i into your academic experience, please do not hesitate to visit our website and/or contact me directly at volunteer@malamakauai.org or (808) 828-0685 x11.

With aloha,

Julia Black

Program Coordinator

AmeriCorps VISTA – Volunteer Coordinator