The Emerging Technologies Lab (ETL) brings powerful immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality to interdisciplinary research at Bowdoin College, diversifying the nature of research that is possible at Bowdoin. We encourage Bowdoin faculty to use the ETL to realize ambitious project ideas or to converse with ETL personnel to explore the many possible ways to utilize this powerful technology in your curriculum or research.

This form is useful for the ETL to clearly understand how you plan to use Virtual or Extended Reality in your research project or curriculum. Whether your ideas are at their inception or more fully planned out, the ETL can help make them happen. The more details you can provide in this form, the better prepared the ETL will be to consult with you and begin implementation.

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Please indicate the nature of your project (e.g., a research environment/experiment, a learning tool for your course curriculum, etc.) and briefly describe your plans for the project. If your idea is new and you are not yet sure of details, that is completely fine and we are happy to consult with you about possible directions for your idea.
What concrete outcomes and/or products do you hope to have when the project is complete?
When do you hope to start and finish this project?
Other comments or questions you have for the ETL?