Alumni PhD Student Opportunity: NSF Project, Ecosystem response to rapid evolution (App due Dec. 1, 2017)

Graduate Opportunity ####
Ecosystem response to rapid evolution, University of Notre Dame, Biological Sciences.

We are recruiting a PhD student to work on an NSF sponsored project studying the impact of rapid evolution on the productivity and stability of coastal salt marshes. Our study system relies on individuals of a foundational plant in this system (Schoenoplectus americanus) revived from seed banks dating back over 100 years. Our approach involves: measuring changes in plant physiology and growth in controlled experiments; paleoecological analysis of marsh sediments; synthesis of extensive field data; and Bayesian approaches to link evolutionary and ecosystem processes. We welcome applicants with strengths in any of these disciplines. For more information, see the lab web page (, or submit a letter detailing your interest and relevant background to Jason McLachlan ( Please CC the project manager, Jody Peters ( Applications to Notre Dame Biological Sciences are due December 1.