Off Campus Events: Merrymeeting Gleaning Program & Maine Gleaning Week

 -Apple Gleaning at Rocky Ridge Orchard, Nov 5th (9-11am)

This event will be another large event where many of our gleaning volunteers will come together to glean all of the remaining apples that we can harvest from Rocky Ridge Orchard at the end of their season. This will take place from 9am-11am and would be great event for Bowdoin students. I’m hoping since this is on a Sunday, is relatively short, and since apple picking is a fun “sexy” gleaning activity, we can get a large Bowdoin contingent to go out with me this day. We are hoping to donate a bunch of fresh apples to many of our normal recipient organizations but are also considering strongly the possibility of turning many of the apples we collect into apple sauce at MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program, which students could also assist with if they were interested.

Contact Zach Hebert for more information:

The Merrymeeting Gleaning programs works on a weekly collection and distribution cycle at local farms. Right now we are gleaning 5 days a week from 4 different places. . The sign-up links along with the times in the day for each of those are attached here: