On Campus Event: ‘Some Men Passed here’ A documentary film about Climate Change in Morocco, Thursday May 4

Some Men Passed Here
A Documentary to Create Change
Thursday, May 4 7:00 PM
Druckenmiller Hall, room 20

Water is life and without water, there is no life. The Sahara dessert surrounds the small agrarian town of Jorf, Morocco, so water resources are precious and valuable. LIfe in Munkara, a neighborhood of Jorf, began with access to water, continues because of access to water through handmade qanats (Arabic for channel), but its future is now at risk as water resources and the health of the oasis are threatened.

Members of Smile Association recognized growing threats to their oasis town that nobody was willing to openly address, so they became determined to bring the conversation to light. Together, members of the youth, the President of the Association (Mohamed Danouni), and Evyn Dickinson (Bowdoin Professor Patsy Dickinson’s son) filmed a documentary that recorded local history and some of the issues facing their community in order to start the conversation and eventually create changes.

Evyn Dickinson was a Peace Corps volunteer in Jorf, Morocco from 2015-2017. He worked closely with a local association, Smile Association for Women, Children and Human Development, from its conception.

The primary purpose of this documentary is to begin local conversations about the future of the oasis and water use in Jorf, Morocco. However, it was also created with the intention of international use to learn about life in Morocco and the worldwide impact of climate change: no area is unaffected.
Contact Evyn Dickinson for more information: evyndickinson@gmail.com

Film Runtime: 74 minutes
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English