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Aibo Likes Distance Estimation

With a new fix of pose transforms last night, here are some new pose estimated distances of the ball to the center of the body, using nothing but the position of the body and the position of the ball on the screen (plus the known height of the ball):

Actual: 30 Reported: 32
Actual: 50 Reported: 49
Actual: 70 Reported: 69
Actual: 90 Reported: 92
Actual: 110 Reported: 113

As you can see, I am a genius. A few notes though: the estimates get noisier as ball gets further away. This is to be expected: variations in the angle from the focal point (camera point) to the ball xyz space gets narrower, hence the noise has a greater effect on the distance estimation. Now to check the distances at various head angles

Work yesterday (1/8/07) included…

lots more Vision profiling. For my parents’ information, that means that I found out what specific parts of the vision system slow the Aibo down. For the Aibo, ‘slow’ means that it can process less information in a second, or another way of putting it is that its reaction time degrades. Ideally, the Aibo will make decisions at about 30 times a second. Currently, with a bunch of stuff that we’ve been adding and some bottlenecks we’ve only just discovered, it’s down to about 23-25 frames per second (fps).

Moving onto more complicated things for fellow nBiters: over 50% of the average vision frame is taken up by chromatic distortion filtering. I know, it seems pretty ridiculous to me as well. About 25% percent of a vision frame is just thresholding, 7% is for line recognition, and then the rest is basically python processes including the EKF. Check the Wiki for more details.

Anyways, here are the areas for optimization:
-Chromatic Distortion (duh). We may be seriously screwing something up.
-Thresholding (duh). There may be more we can do here, either by reducing the size of the LUT or memory-wise.
-Python Overhead — see the tests on Trac, but I believe we’re losing about 3-4 fps just on creating python objects from c objects, a project ripe for Jeremy’s attention.

In other news, I found another huge bug in our body transforms just a few minutes ago: turns out I was doing body rotations in the wrong order (apparently matrix multiplication order matters, who knew?) and it took me re-reading and re-reading the German, Ozzie, and Texan papers to figure the proper order out. The focal point estimates look a lot better now in cortex and so I’ll be testing distance estimates tomorrow.

Next up: finally figuring out the pose-estimated horizon line swiftly followed by blob rotation fun. Fun.