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Public scrimmage this Sunday May 11th, 2 pm Maine Lounge

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Just a heads up that if you’re in the area, and you’d like to watch our team scrimmage, we are holding a public scrimmage this Sunday in Maine Lounge in Moulton Union. We will be playing the Aibos on the larger field, 5 on 5, and also have a small demonstration of our new Humanoid robots.

Public scrimmages are a great way for us to get off of our scaled down field in the lab, and onto the regulation sized pitch. Also it will allow us to setup our Nao field for the first time.

Directions here:

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But awesome: this just in from the official 4 Legged League mailing list:

There has been some discussion about organising a demonstration robocup game in Bremen – 11×11 Aibos on a mid-sized field. The thought is to try and make it a pick-up match (using the same ideas that UNSW and Newcastle used in the legged open challenge last year – a standardized broadcast packet for comms). This would require access to a mid-sized field.

How many legged teams might be interested in participating?

We’ve got 11 aibos…Chown-dog ?