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Site nearly at 100% [UPDATED]

So my upgrading fiasco spawned more upgrading fiascos which resulted in our whole webserver being out of commission for over a day. My bad. But the blog is back up under its normal theme–however, WordPress 2.1 is now in the wild and we will hopefully be merging to that soon enough once K2, the rawking theme by Michael Heilemann, gets updated to boot.

UPDATE:: OK turns out that the nice dated+named permalink structure doesn’t work, so I’ve reverted to the default structure for now.

UPDATE #2:: K2 0.95 is out.

Blog Backup–but not fully

So Jeremy has fixed my botched attempt to upgrade WordPress–but the theme that you’ve become to know as dear to your heart is still not yet operational. It would be, if I could ftp into the server from off-campus. But for some reason that’s not working. I’ll get it fully running tomorrow morning.

Our Blog Pages Look Better

So the Media, Contact, and Team Info pages on this blog have all gotten a brief facelift.

Media no longer says ‘In Progress’ and I included a link to our YouTube video page there, of which I’ll promise to finally get some of the full games up in the next couple of weeks.

The Contact page — actually, I didn’t update that page at all. Sorry.

Team Info includes the new 06/07 Northern Bites members + a few formatting updates. having issues

varied reports suggest that is inaccessible from the bowdoin wireless network: in the lab, in seth glickman’s room, and possible elsewhere. Yes, this means that the blog, and svn, trac, etc.

Just plug an ethernet cord in as a temporary measure.

I put this note in the blog to get Jeremy to put his thanksgiving laziness behind him and fix this bug.

UPDATE:: though Jeremy and I spent an hour debugging this, we later found this email from IT:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 18:33:28 -0500
Subject: wireless connectivity issue
We are currently experiencing problems with the wireless network and logging into Bowdoin web services (Blackboard). Until this is resolved please connect to the network using an Ethernet cable.

Thank you,

Information Technology

Let me know if anyone gets another saying that it’s working now. That would be useful.

UPDATE::Problem seems to be fixed in the lab. Anyone else having issues?

Google Analytics

A long while back I applied for a Google Analytics account and sometime during the Germany crunch it came through.  So, finally, I’ve gotten it installed via this incredibly easy plug-in called, astonishingly, Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress.

Analytics will allow us to figure who and where you robotics fiends come from and organize it in the typical Google-awesomeness way.

Welcome to the New Northern Bites Website/Weblog

We’re on a newly-built server under our complete control, and as your browser is telling you, our new address is: (or just if you are on campus).

Most of the significant improvements are for the elite hackers that make up the Northern Bites team, but for our fans and admirers, we offer a new, sweet dns, real permalinks to pages like Archives and Contact, and much faster and smoother page loading.  Also, check the Media page for future updates which are comfortably expected in the coming decade.

Roll, nBites!