U.S. Open 2016

The U.S. Open of 2016 will once again be held at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Please join us April 22-23rd in Watson Arena to watch six teams from across the country battle it out in competitive robot soccer!


1st Place: UT Austin Villa

2nd Place: Bowdoin College Northern Bites

3rd Place: UPennalizers

4th Place: RoboCanes


Austin Villa vs. Northern Bites

UPennalizers vs. RoboCanes


Austin Villa 6 UPennalizers 0

Northern Bites 2 RoboCanes 0


Northern Bites 0 RoboCanes 0

Austin Villa 6 UPennalizers 0

Austin Villa 3 RoboCanes 1

Northern Bites 0 UPennalizers 0

Austin Villa 6 Northern Bites 0

RoboCanes 2 UPennalizers 0


View the 2015 US Open on our YouTube page.

View the 2016 US Open live here.



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