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Two Module, One Module

I’m in here late on a Saturday, cursing the OPEN-R SDK and its inter-objectivity, and trying to make life for our team a lot simple: One object. One object to rule them all. It’s a risk in one way: things could run slower, compilation time could take longer, and I might not even be able to make it work. I’ve gotten one module into the one-module framework. Now it’s time for the second.

UPDATE::Brought in the Chlaos, our motion module. Boots up, and even stands up. AiboConnect works, but not for motions yet. Promising…

UPDATEx2::Motions are wickedly choppy. Bleak.

UPDATEx3::Motions work fine if I don’t initialize sensors/image. Time to work it out. —Works when initializing Sensors, now

UPDATEx4::Seems like a Memory Management issue. Turning off some of the initializing malloc’s–big image arrays–speed things up considerably.


Architecture is really a tough call now. I need to pick an overall design of Aperios Objects (modules) and keep it stable until the end of the year. I’m probably going to have one for vision (plus Python hooks), motion, and communication. And how to link various bits of code for each module? Common header files? Namespaces? Heck–I could do like UPenn and just have one Aperios object for everything.

Hello, World!

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After many frustrating days and numerous debugging styles, I’ve finally gotten Python to run on Aperios!

I’ve often read that good Programmers are not amazingly proficient coders but they instead excel at debugging their own code. Boy–do I need to get better at this. The technique that finally got things going was taking the entirety of the 2005 rUNSWift code and widdling it down to the Python layer. This allowed me to step incrementally while making sure things stay working. Long process–but I learned heaps about Aperios, Python, and C++ in general.