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Work continues on the motion engine…

In preparation for Istanbul, we’ve begun overhauling the sensor filtering pipeline of our motion engine. Currently (see the graph) things are pretty insane, with three layers of filtering before any data makes it into the control algorithms. With any luck, we’ll be able to tune the early stages of filtering to reduce any unnecessary delay.

motion engine sensor flowchart

Hey dawg I heard you like filters so I put a filter on your filter so you can filter after you just filtered...


I am officially the wiz at I-O for the Aperios Operating System.  I’ve just completed most of the internal work to make various OPEN-R objects (our modules–Vision, Motion, Communication) talk to each other in exactly the way I want them to–which is good!  The motion system now tells the Vision module (and our Brain) the current state of the motion system and the current joint values every frame. This is a basic building block for better and better behaviors.