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Parents Weekend Scrimmage Recap

Apologies for the delay! Our Parent’s Weekend Scrimmage went off without a hitch (mostly). The lights were super dim and we had to enlist our auxiliary lighting to help out. Even so, the light was under 200, but Elise triumphed, churning out a functional color table in under 1.5 hours.

The team had a great showing, with 11 members participating. The new guys all got some experience with photo taking and the pre-game warm up. Photo taking this year is greatly expedited by the ability to stream and save images directly in the TOOL.

The scrimmage itself was a success. We played 2-on-1 for two regulation halves which ended in a 1-1 tie. The bots moved considerably slower than in Graz, but stayed stable for the whole game.

Check out the video below for the full match.
Parents Weekend 2009

Scrimmage against the German Team, 2-1

Yesterday we scrimmaged the German Team in our lab. The idea is very similar to how we competed at the German Open in April. We sent the German Team a copy of our color table for the lab, and some code that loaded the binary into memory, and Max converted it to the german team’s format.

Our play was comparable to the German Team’s, and we finished the first half leading 1-0 after a lucky shot on goal. The second half ended prematurely after drained batteries and bugs on both sides made play deteriorate, but not until after both teams scored a goal, leaving the final score 2-1. Our major problems came from a bug which keeps the chaser in the grabbing position instead of kicking, resulting in a ball holding penalty, as well as a short episode of ball fright induced by a DEBUG_CHASER switch turned on at half. The German Team’s only issue was an unidentified problem which resulted in the robot ceasing to play soccer and simply swaying back and forth in the middle of the second half.

Unfortunately we were only able to scrimmage 4. v 4. since we our robots are deteriorating quickly. Currently Sam and Pippin are in the shop, and Mike’s leg is about to give out. Even though development on the Aibo is generally straightforward, it is clear that only a few teams (if any!) will be able to muster robots to play again next year if the Aibos are brought back for another year.


Public scrimmage this Sunday May 11th, 2 pm Maine Lounge

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scrimamge-poster, originally uploaded by northern_bites.

Just a heads up that if you’re in the area, and you’d like to watch our team scrimmage, we are holding a public scrimmage this Sunday in Maine Lounge in Moulton Union. We will be playing the Aibos on the larger field, 5 on 5, and also have a small demonstration of our new Humanoid robots.

Public scrimmages are a great way for us to get off of our scaled down field in the lab, and onto the regulation sized pitch. Also it will allow us to setup our Nao field for the first time.

Directions here:

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October is scrimmage month

October is going to be a crazy month: we’ve got three scrimmages lined up. Mainly these are just to get us back in the game, and give the newbies a look at what they’re working for. The first scrimmage will be this Friday in the lab, with special guests Mitch Davis and Allen Delong. Then the next week we are showing off to the Trustees in Lancaster Lounge. Finally, at the end of the month, we’re going all out for a robot-extravaganza Saturday morning of Parents Weekend. Maybe with special guest BMills. We will be on the big floor in the Union; probably you’ll be able to watch from the webcam. While the first two are private scrimmages, anyone is welcome to attend the one on Parents Weekend. Hope to see you there!

Live Blogging Event: Preparation Night for Scrimmages

9:31 PM: It’s hour four and a half and we’ve split in two — four dudes have gone off to the lab to work on some things while the rest of us are in Daggett readying the Color Tables for Vision recognition. Spirits are high because hell, it’s just robots. Pictures Soon.

9:35 PM: We just added the Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow thresholding–things are looking pretty good. Ball recognition not that bad. We ran into a bit of an issue when, after calibrating orange for a good hour, nothing remotely orange appeared on the screen. Turns out that our horizon detector was messing up orange because it smartly needs transitions from green to orange to identify.

9:41 PM: YAYY!!! Our WordPress Spam Filter Akismet has caught its first fish! Its content? ‘Compare Diet Pills’ ! And sometimes we wonder why we actually block spam!?

9:42 PM: I’m a blogging nut! And cooler/taller than Jesse Butterfield!

12:08 AM: Woah, forgot about blogging for a while. Prof. Chown came and just left. We had our first _ever_ 4×4 scrimmage this year. Pictures when we make it back to the lab and get the cord. Didn’t go so badly, and we are fixing a lot of simple bugs now.

12:34 AM: We’re going to cheat a little bit and get some walls for the edges of the field. This will hopefully solve some phantom ball issues.

12:58 AM: Slowing Down as we all take to our various corners and fix our various behaviors.

1:42 AM: We’ve just heard the word: we have to be out by 3:30 AM. Dining Services, even in this area, still rocks the house. Big improvements on Player so far–we’re working on some glitches in SEARCH mode. KILL mode later.
2:52 AM: Final Scrimmage of the Night.