The site is rather stable–and that’s where I’ll leave it until exams and papers are done.

To come:
-New, Flashy Header
-Updated northern_bites tags.
-Media! Pictures! Movies!
-Much better protected section (probably a blog for the team’s own usage).
-CSS Style-switcher on the fly: Vader Theme access.
-Loads more sweet blogging from the Northern Bites team.

Any suggestions about the features/layout of the site, or reports that things are broken: Contact Us.

What I’m working on

I thought I’d just let everyone see what I’m working on. My plan is to modify our Aibos into creatures of terror much like the beast shown to the left.

Actually, I’m working on an independent study with Professor Majercik. Our work might be most relevant to help create a good state space model for the robots, and then use that for either communication or behaviors or both (or neither). Basically if we look at all of the data the robots have as a vector of numbers, we can use euclidean distance to see what state the robot is currently in. If you have more questions about this / comments, let me know.

I’m just posting this to see if my account if working all the way, and if Mr. Work has set the blog to let CSS styles and some HTML work.

And we’re live…

Wheh. Finally, the Northern Bites 2006 Website/Blog is online. It took far too long–and I’m sure it’ll take a lot longer to get all the kinks out, pictures in, and customizations completed.

If the blog catches on, this will be a place for crazy research, incremental progress, and general flouting of our technical skills. All members of the team will have access, should they desire it, to explain our research to the world, to other teammates, and occasionally, to themselves.

4 Months, 5 Days, 14 Hours to the Robocup US Open 2006. It’s about time to finish the victory dances.