Game 6: Bowdoin 2 – NTU Robot PAL 0

We played a really good game to win our most crucial match of the tournament. We took the pressure off with a goal early in the first half (video later). Similar story in the second half. We saw a few bugs that we’ll try and get out before our next match. We’ll have a play-in game for a spot in the world quarterfinals. As it is now, we are in the final 12.

Game 5: Bowdoin 0 – Nao-Team HTWK 5

We lost to Leipzig 5-0. Actually that isn’t a bad result as they have been one of the top 3 teams in the league for about six years now and play a style that is very tough for us (they are amazingly quick and great with the ball). Our goalie made one amazing save, but sadly had a few problems on balls that he would normally stop. We’re still in great position in our pool, if we do well in our next game we’ll have a chance to advance to the final 8.

Game 4: Bowdoin 0 – Penn 0

A very exciting game that was a mild heartbreaker. In both halves we had the ball in the Penn goal box with a robot kicking repeatedly at it. In both halves it repeatedly bounced off Penn players (who weren’t seeing it) and in the 2d half also off the goal post. But no joy! But we played really well and at least salvaged a tie. Before our next game we’re going to put our old kick back.

Game 3: Bowdoin 2 – DAInamite 0

We won! On to the round of 16 tomorrow.

It was an exciting game. Very early we kicked the ball into the other team’s goal box and had two robots surrounding it. Between the goalie and our two robots not cooperating well it took us about 4 minutes to score from there. In the second half we scored a nice goal about midway through and DAInamite came back and put the ball right on the goal line. Meanwhile our goalie had fallen and didn’t see the ball. But another robot came in and cleared the ball in an incredibly clutch play – it looked for a moment like it would be a certain own goal.

Game Two: Bowdoin 0 – Camellia Dragons 0

We were just the first team in RoboCup history to have to play a game less than an hour after the finish of the previous game. And it showed. We looked pretty awful. Including not really being able to stand after falling (hot robots with tired batteries). No excuses though, we did a number of other things poorly. On the bright side, we have 4 points after two games and almost certainly will be playing tomorrow.

RoboCup 2016 Game 1: Northern Bites 1 – RoboEireann 0

Our first game in Germany was a doozy. We started out by kicking the ball within 3 inches of the goal post in the first minute. We then marched in to finish the job only to accidentally knick it out of bounds. Then bad things started happening. First we started to have trouble picking up the ball (now a half a field away), but then all five of our robots crashed at once in a way that we have never seen before! Yikes! The rest of the half was a mess and ended 0-0. The crashes had us very worried, but Wasp scored in the first two minutes of the second half. We had a bit of trouble after that, but managed to keep Ireland out of the net. This puts us in great position in our first pool as before the tournament Ireland and Bowdoin would have been considered co-favorites in the pool.

Second Place

We finished in second. We lost to what looks like a fantastic Austin Villa team 5-0. The score was 1-0 at halftime and at that time it was a legitimately great game. Our goalie was terrific and we were playing great defense. In the second half our robots got tired. They couldn’t get up from falls, etc. This is something that we have to take a hard look at in the next two months as it was a pattern during the tournament. Over the last 5 minutes or so of each game we had a hard time fielding healthy robots.

Overall it was a great tournament. On Wednesday I (Chown) wasn’t even sure that we would be able to play. On Friday morning we looked legitimately terrible. But in the end second place in the entire United States! That ain’t half bad!