RoboCup 2016 Game 1: Northern Bites 1 – RoboEireann 0

Our first game in Germany was a doozy. We started out by kicking the ball within 3 inches of the goal post in the first minute. We then marched in to finish the job only to accidentally knick it out of bounds. Then bad things started happening. First we started to have trouble picking up the ball (now a half a field away), but then all five of our robots crashed at once in a way that we have never seen before! Yikes! The rest of the half was a mess and ended 0-0. The crashes had us very worried, but Wasp scored in the first two minutes of the second half. We had a bit of trouble after that, but managed to keep Ireland out of the net. This puts us in great position in our first pool as before the tournament Ireland and Bowdoin would have been considered co-favorites in the pool.