Bits and Bytes — Wednesday, Oct. 3rd

  • Rick Middleton, everyone’s favorite Kalman Filter guru from the NUbots, is now @ NUIM, the National University of Ireland Maynooth, and has brought RoboCup with him. They are aiming to get into the Nao league. Here’s a link [100mb] to a presentation he’s given along with some clips. As he says on his website, the NUbots have placed in the top three since they joined 2002. That’s pretty sweet.
  • Speaking of NUbots, I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with Mike Quinlan out here in Silicon Valley. One thing he mentioned was that at his new lab, at UT Austin, they have enough room for the new 5×7.5m field and enough Aibos to invite to a tea party. That’ll certainly be an advantage for them this year.
  • One of the things the 4LL (now SPL) prided itself with when each league gave a brief demonstration (gong show!) was the history kept on its site. Well, here it is — and it’s got some pretty sweet stuff.
  • Is ‘Bits and Bytes’ too lame of a name?

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