Work Today (1/07/07) included…

Lots of integration code. In fact, I think I wrote over 500 lines of code today. A lot of it was mindless except for decisions on how to handle our increasingly complex and growing code base. It’s tough handling a project this big when you feel that every step towards cleaning up the code base feels like you’re slowing down towards encroaching deadlines.

I’m thinking now that our sights should be set firmly on video presentation date: February 15th. Showing what we’re been doing since Germany it’s a hard feat at this point since so much of it is on the low-level side. All the milestones so far this year have been substantial: odometry calibration, an extended kalman filter, line landmark recognition, pose estimation, and the whole slew of development tools that have sped up progress. However, little of this progress is show-worthy.

Localization is the 800-pound gorilla pounding on our door and without taming it we will have to be happy with unsophisticated behaviors.

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