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Upcoming events

Aside from the actual competition we will have a number of other events. For some of these I’ll need some student help. Here’s what we have so far:
March 1: 10:30ish. A group from the children’s center is coming by. It would be great to have some students available and some demos ready.
March 31: I will be speaking to an alumni group at 2:15. I will need at least one student assistant.
April 28: I will be speaking to alumni and parents at 1:30. I will need one student (probably Henry)
May 3: I will be speaking at the Faculty Seminar at 12:30. I will need several assistants and anyone that wants is welcome to come.

The Future

Hi all, Chown Dawg here. For those of you worried about whether there will be Robocup in the future – don’t be. Indications are that the 4 legged league will have at least two more years after this one. Assuming things go well this year I’m pretty confident that Bowdoin will roll out another team next year.