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Someone (aka Professor Chown) noted that the blog has been pretty empty lately. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

1. New robots! Our newest teammates are Nao H25s with working hands! Now that we also have Kaylee, Inara, Vera, and Simon, we have almost all of Serenity’s crew on our team.

Kaylee, Inara, Vera, and Simon!

Kaylee poses for a closeup.

2. New goals! The league rules changed, so our goals for this year look like…

New goal for this year's US Open

They’re bigger than last year’s goals and now have black nets, which is great for vision. Also, these nets won’t get tangled on lost robots who want to hang out in the goal. The field itself will be much bigger as well, with five robots per team.

3. New code architecture! Well, almost. Our message passing architecture is still a work in progress, but we’ll have it up and running for the US Open:

Almost there...

The US Open starts Friday, April 19th here at Bowdoin. We’re pretty excited to finally try out all of our new things.