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Recognizing and making use of lines

For the past week, I’ve been trying to implement line recognition.  The purpose of this is two-fold: at some point, we might be able to use a better version to help with localization and, more importantly, we can use it to try to keep our robots from crossing lines that they should not cross.

I’m using the green-white transition rules that I devised before spring break, and am hoping to be able to have the dogs discern which of the six line objects they might be looking at (a corner, a midline intersection, a goalie box intersection, a goalie box corner, the center circle or any other boundary line).

New vision system having first success

I implemented the green-orange transition rules this evening and the AIBO was picking up orange.

The rules will need to be tweaked and tested and re-tweaked, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Also, going to need to speed it up a bit as it worked a little slowly.

Long weekend ahead…

Late night…

Henry had most of the report done and was working on putting together all the footage we took tonight in iMovie when I left at 1:30am. Reminds me of the nights we used to spend in the lab for 320, minus the pizza and some of the other people.

Henry had a really neat “walk up to the ball and kick it” behavior. It should make the cut for the movie to be submitted tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing it. I’m sure Henry’ll have more to say, as he was doing most of the stuff. I was just taping the different motions.

On another note, don’t park on Park Row. I went outside at 1:12 to move my car and had a ticket written at 1:00am on the dot. The Northern Bites need support from the Brunswick PD, not hate ;)