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Current State of Localization and GL

My dream of having an openGL representation of the current worldMap state has been realized (mostly). This is cool because we can actually see what is going on inside the huge matrix of probablities without resorting to really ugly text output. I’ll spend some more time refining the look of the window, but I think its pretty good for having taught myself openGL as I went along. If you’d like to see it; go into the tools branch then to LocalizationGLUT. Run the make file and then ./testerGLUT. Next up for this visualization tool is to incorporate Jesse’s new heading class.
The tool is set up much like the vision in aiboConnect, so hopefully we will be able to incorporate it easily. This would allow us to watch what the dog is thinking re localization as it runs around; pretty sweet.
Once Henry finishes off the application, he will help us adapt the WorldMap and Heading classes so that we can test it on the dog.
Stay tuned Monte Carlo Localization Fans