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Who won RoboCup 2007?

RoboCup 2007: Winners roundup [Engadget]

RoboCup 2007 Concludes, Germans Dominate Robot Soccer Matches [Gizmodo].

Clearly, this shows Gizmodo’s clear German bias (clearly). Also, despite our thrashing of the GermanTeam in the quarterfinals (the greatest upset in RoboCup history since the league moved away from wooden robots in 1952), the Germans won the German Open and the technical challenges. And as Matthias says, that is what counts.

RoboCup on The Daily Show

A bunch of people have told me that on The Daily Show last night — RoboCup was mentioned. Specifically: robot dogs playing soccer. That’s unbelieveably awesome. The guest on the show was Lee Gutkind, a CMU professor promoting his new book Almost Human: Making Robots Think. And Lee did a great job hyping up our league and robotics in general. After hearing John Stewart say the words ‘robotic dogs playing soccer’, I know we’ve won. John Stewart will be the face of the robot revolution.

Link to Interview Video

Today was a good day

Team Report Finished (finally)
-Jeremy got our python matrix library super optimized in C and free of memory leaks with help of valgrind.
-We’re doing cool work with shared ball and multiple robots sending each other communicated information
-Mark and I got a killer sub behavior working: tracking the ball way better than last year. We can kick the ball ridiculously fast across the floor and the dog does a good job at following it.

Tomorrow Chown and I are fieldtripping it to the nearest carpet distributer. We’re trying to build a new full-sized field for practice and competition. Our field is 8/9’s of the side of a regular field, but that 8/9’s can really mean a lot in terms of finding the ball and coordinating a team of mobile robots.