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More on Wireless

We’re on the newly configured AP now, and all the wireless stuff we do should be working well. The IPs have changed to a different subnet–this has changed the ips but the dns’s haved moved over accordingly. If for some strange reason you desire to connect via the new IPs, ping the dns’s to discover the proper ips. The ips listed on the back of every aibo are inaccurate, currently.

U.S. Open 2006

Website updated for the 2006 U.S. Open. Now it looks like the dates are April 20-23, with the schedule as follows:

Thursday, April 20, 12:00 Noon Venue opens to teams.
Friday, April 21, 9:00 AM Competition begins!
Saturday, April 22 Round-robin competitions, and quarter-finals, banquet.
Sunday, April 23 Semi-finals and finals.


But awesome: this just in from the official 4 Legged League mailing list:

There has been some discussion about organising a demonstration robocup game in Bremen – 11×11 Aibos on a mid-sized field. The thought is to try and make it a pick-up match (using the same ideas that UNSW and Newcastle used in the legged open challenge last year – a standardized broadcast packet for comms). This would require access to a mid-sized field.

How many legged teams might be interested in participating?

We’ve got 11 aibos…Chown-dog ?