But awesome: this just in from the official 4 Legged League mailing list:

There has been some discussion about organising a demonstration robocup game in Bremen – 11×11 Aibos on a mid-sized field. The thought is to try and make it a pick-up match (using the same ideas that UNSW and Newcastle used in the legged open challenge last year – a standardized broadcast packet for comms). This would require access to a mid-sized field.

How many legged teams might be interested in participating?

We’ve got 11 aibos…Chown-dog ?

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. hwork Post author

    Thinking about it more: this would be hilarious for about 2 minutes, and then it would get really pathetic.

    This wouldn’t be six year olds playing soccer; it would be four year olds playing soccer. Ball?–Proomppphffff. 10 players on it. The 10 other players would be shielded from the ball by the previous ten.

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