Two Module, One Module

I’m in here late on a Saturday, cursing the OPEN-R SDK and its inter-objectivity, and trying to make life for our team a lot simple: One object. One object to rule them all. It’s a risk in one way: things could run slower, compilation time could take longer, and I might not even be able to make it work. I’ve gotten one module into the one-module framework. Now it’s time for the second.

UPDATE::Brought in the Chlaos, our motion module. Boots up, and even stands up. AiboConnect works, but not for motions yet. Promising…

UPDATEx2::Motions are wickedly choppy. Bleak.

UPDATEx3::Motions work fine if I don’t initialize sensors/image. Time to work it out. —Works when initializing Sensors, now

UPDATEx4::Seems like a Memory Management issue. Turning off some of the initializing malloc’s–big image arrays–speed things up considerably.

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