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New server here

The new server is up and running, and it works great. I’d post this on the old blog, but we’re avoiding changing anything on the old blog, since there’s a new copy running on the new server. Instead, here’s it on the new blog.

Check it out at Wait, you’re here already, aren’t you?

That’ll redirect you straight to this blog again. Other important section of the site include the SVN repository, served by DAV/SVN, and the Trac Wiki and Project Manager. These new sections are available by clicking on the new links under “Bites” on the right side of the main page, or by navigating to

New server coming soon; Website updates

So in the long list of cleaning house on the team–the code base, the robots, the lab, the ferd–I’ve finally come to the website.  Here’s our grand idea: we’ll take an old linux box from downstairs and make it into our own personal webserver.  Jeremy is in the process of wiping it, installing debian, mysql, php, etc, and then I will install wordpress and port over this website.

Our own webserver will provide a bunch of substantial functionality boosters–we’ll have our own dns (probably, a much faster loading website, and much more control over it as well. We’ll be able to do things like access our code base via httpd and even stream video–and we’ve accumuluated a lot–to our adoring fans.

In the meantime, I’ve created a Media page that’s currently in progress which will hold some of our things to come.

Website Upgrade nearly complete

I’ve just updated both the blogging software we use and the style of the website–everything went really smoothly. There is a lot of customizing left to do, but let me know if anything seems screwy.

Oh, other good news. Bowdoin RoboCup is now an officially recognized student organization.

UPDATE::got the ELA archives working. They are cool and ajax-powered.

UPDATE2::FlickrRSS plug-in installed. Look to the sidebar of this page. Pretty cool, aye?

UPDATE3::Tightened up the layout/colors a bit.

Setting up Cygwin under Windows

For any of you that have a windows machine and want to use it – here’s what you do.

First of all you download cygwin from here. This is a setup file, it will ‘guide’ you through the setup process, but not too much since it is a linux application and they believe in the intelligence of their users. Basically, if you go clicking next until the thing goes away, you won’t get what you need. You need to check that you have a few programs which don’t come back with the official bundle. I suppose you can download the whole thing, but it’s something in the order of 800 MB, so I don’t know how useful that will be.

Anyways, what you need to get on there:

  • make, gcc-g++, subversion from the “Devel” section
  • rsync from the “Net” section
  • more from the “Text” section
  • These might also be useful.

  • cvs, gdb, libxml2-devel from “Devel”
  • openssh from “Net”
  • libjpeg62, libpng12-devel, zlib from “Libs”
  • You can always rerun the setup and choose additional packages that you need.

    Now we need the OPEN-R libraries from their official website.
    I can’t give a direct link because there is a login part, and you’ll need to register (if you haven’t already). So, get these from in there somewhere:

  • OPEN_R_SDK-XXX-rX.tar.gz
  • mipsel-devtools-XXX-bin-rX.tar.gz
  • Extract them in /cygwin/usr/local. Now you should have everything you need to compile open-r related c files. I hope I’m not just clogging up the place and annoying people with this.

    Note: semi-copied from here. I just took out the essential, but you can check out the original. I take no credit for it. It’s how I set up my own cygwin.


    I would just like everyone to know how sweet XAMPP is: it’s very sweet. It’s a full package of Apache + MySQL and a slew of admin tools that you can install on your box quickly to host a website. I use it on my home computers to design kickass WordPress sites locally like this one here and it works great on my Mac and Windows boxes. Here’s an article how to use XAMPP to develop WordPress offline before you bring online.