First ever Northern Bites doubled digit score at competition!!!!11ONE

Northern Bites: 12 Harzer Rollers: 2

Changes from last night’s game included an updated color table, some behavioral improvements to ball chasing, and the removal of a significant bug that had been lingering in the vision system for over a year. With the vision bug corrected, localization for all players was improved and the keeper was staying closer to the center of the goal. Unfortunately he was still having problems and let in one goal after trying to clear it and then not finding the ball sitting next to him.

We entered half time with a lead of 4 to 1. After a couple goals by us in the second half, our goalie began to have troubles moving his leg and could not position himself back in the goal. At this point the Rollers had a strong head kick and a goal was scored. We called a time out to asses the problem, but could not use any of our back up robots, since we have not been able to get any of our M3 Aibo’s to work with the competition wireless LAN.

We replaced the keeper’s stick so that he would stand in goal and do nothing. This defense was effective in that our offense began to dominate, proving the old adage true that the best defense is an intimidating figure standing still and doing nothing. Maybe it’s a good offense. Even though we had a few problems with wireless lag the robots began shooting on goal with much more authority.

We play the NuBots in the semis at 6:00. We played three halves against them last night being scored on at least eight times (Henry says eleven) and scoring two goals (one while the NuBots had taken a player of the field). At this point we don’t have any proof of the goal against the NuBots, but we will on the video after tonight’s game when we beat them soundly.

We’ll post again after the semi’s.

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