PCAR 2006

PCAR 2006 is a ‘International Symposium on Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots’ that was held very recently in Perth, Australia.

One of the invited speakers was 4-Legged League Technical Committe Advisory Member Masahiro Fujita, who also happens to be the literal god of the Sony robots Aibo and Qrio.

Our good friend Michael Quinlan and his NUBot teammates presented a paper entitled ‘Impact of Tactical Variations in the RoboCup Four-Legged League’. Also, Kai Xu, a new technical committee member this year for the 4-Legged league and captain of China’s WrightEagle, went and presented ‘Legged Robot Gait Locus Generation Based on Genetic Algorithms’. Both papers sound interesting and I’d love to get a copy of them.

To top it off, they held an ‘exhibition’ of 4-Legged teams squaring off against each other. Sadly, the reigning champion NUBots did not participate but WrightEagle, UTS Unleashed, and a new team from Australia, the UWArriors from the University of of Western Australia. If someone who attended should stumble upon this page, please let us know how the exhibition went. It’s never too early to start scouting for RoboCup 2007.

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