Meet the new members of the Family

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Meet the two most recent additions to the Northern Bites family: two fiesty new aibos from the ERS-7M3 line.

We have named them… ‘aibo13’ and ‘aibo14’.

I will probably setup one of them to walk around the lab this weekend a blog things–that’s right, they can blog too. And speak spanish–it’s better than I can do.

4 thoughts on “Meet the new members of the Family

  1. hwork

    I couldn’t agree more. These dogs have personality that begs for something more than a numerical representation.

    We need a ‘line’ or ‘theme’ to bring it all together, a la last year’s HOT DAWGS team, or NOC’s naming all their servers after kitchen appliances or type of bear.

    To give all aibos 1-14 the names of dogs might be too uninspired. What are people’s thoughts?

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