Lesson of the Week

Because I am all that is Robots, I will be presenting a weekly segment entitled ‘Lesson of the Week’ to my fellow cohorts on the Northern Bites RoboCup team.

This week’s installment? Managing Conflicts in Subversion.

What are conflicts? Conflicts happen when you ‘svn up’ and someone else’s editions to the code have messed with your own.

Subversion handles recognizing conflicts, but leaves you up to dealing with them. Subversion leaves for every conflicting file four different files:

CONFLICTFILE — I.E., this could be Vision.cc or makefile.config or whatever.
–Subversion places a bunch of ‘< <>>’ in the code, separating the conflicts between your edits and the other person’s. You can go through line by line and fix the conflicts this way.

…Plus three more. Continue Reading….

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