Where Are They Now? — nBites Edition

Where are the famed Northern Bites crew that took down the world for good ole’ America? How can I meet these people? — These are questions I get all the time.

First, there are members that are gone, but never far, from the Northern Bites lair. I, Henry Work, have stepped down from the captain position and am traveling cross-country as we speak with Mark Mcgranaghan to start a startup business. Jesse Butterfield, an ’06er who was integral during the push last year, has just moved into his office @ Brown to do his masters/phd in Computer Science. His advisor is Chad who is awesome and does RoboCup-related things. Tucker Hermans ’09, is now settled in Berlin for a year abroad. He might be doing Humanoid League stuff with them, or just working for the nBites from afar.

As for those carrying the nBites banner for the year, Nick Dunn is purportedly back and now has found his fire. Look for him to be huge if they change the thickness of the lines this year and remove the beacons. I got to see Jeremy Fishman, aka Lambchop, running around mumbling ‘python, python’. He’s going to be huge this year. George Slavov is back for another round, though I didn’t get to see him. RoboCup has been solved, but George needs to get cracking on bipedal walking. Chown-Dawg is most likely going to step up advising this year now that he’s on the Technical Committee. He also has a lot of publishing to do.

Lastly, Joho Strom ’09 is taking over the captain duties this year. I have great confidence in Joho.

Roll, Northern Bites!

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