RoboCup 2007: nBites vs. Austin Villa [test match]

This game came about because there was one pool with two teams: CMU and AustinVilla (texas). So, we got to play in an official test match, one that didn’t count but we got the field reserved and stuff. Joho was the ref, and so we gave him crap the whole time. The texas guys are great folks, so it was fun to play against them, and test out stuff.

Our initial drives were pretty good. Our sweet pre-programmed dodge at the kickoff worked pretty well, and we were getting really good shots on a really good goalie. We were testing some new ball capture code. Doesn’t look like I wrote the behavior hack for defensive ready state yet. This field had some great mountainous ridges of carpet. We controlled the ball really well. We went up 3-0 from their goalie being caught out-of-position. Texas was having a lot of vision calibration problems stemming from not having a vision person accompany them on the trip. Mohan, their vision guy and the heart and soul of the Four-Legged League, was home sick from traveling too much pre-RoboCup.

5-0 off some more sweet team play. The fifth goal came from a really nice 1-2 sequence from our middy to our offense, that nailed it in. Our grab looked really good despite playing on Field A (all of our other games were on Field B). 6-0 ended half-time from a shot from HALF FIELD. Never seen that before.

After half, we had a terrible grab near the goal where we line up to take the shot, but then spin completely around and kick the ball the wrong direction as soon as we get in the box. More on this bug later.

At one point in the video I hear myself yelling ‘DEFENDER! Where’s the Defender?!!’, to which Jesse wryly responds: ‘I said we’d never have two defenders, but I never said we’d always have one.’ Funny. I think I’d rather have the first one, however. 8-0 after a sweet completed pass. I remember Greg, from CMU, coming up to me asking: ‘So you guys can pass?!?’. I wanted to say ‘Of course, can’t you?’ But instead I said ‘Well, we really just sort of line them up for a pass and hope it happens’ — which is the truth. Game ends 9-0.

Watch Video: Google Video, High Quality [352 mb].

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