Live: US Open Scores and Commentary — Aibo Division

Stuck on the west coast while the nBiters are trying to win our first ever US Open championship, I’m looking around for scores and can’t find any. So I called the team up and put them up the hard way. Here are the scores from Sunday, May 25 2008:

10:30 am CMDash’08 (Carnegie Mellon University) vs Metrobots (Brooklyn College): 8-0.

11:30 am Austin Villa (University of Texas at Austin) vs Brown # (Brown University): Forfeit by Brown, apparently their trunk is messed up currently.

12:30 pm Northern Bites (Bowdoin College) vs Metrobots (Brooklyn College): 9-0, see this post for more.

2:30 pm Brown # (Brown University) vs CMDash’08 (Carnegie Mellon University): Forfeit again by the Brown #.

4:30 pm Northern Bites (Bowdoin College) vs Austin Villa (University of Texas at Austin): UPDATE:: 2-1 at halftime. We’re apparently having issues seeing the beacons. The NUbots scored first (we’re calling them the NUbots from now on). UPDATE x2:: 3-1 after a lighting situation forced the half to restart a few minutes in. Our goalie having some issues, but the positioning looked good. UPDATE x3:: 3-2 Final Score after a series of crappy plays by us. Still a win, and not one that will make our team rest on its laurels.

In lieu of the 2:30pm game, there was a test match put on by CMU and UT. Apparently a fairly close game, UT won by four or so points (no official score was taken).

The nBiters say that they’ll have video of the 12:30pm and 4:30pm game up when they retreat to the hotel tonight. Apparently the internet at the hotel is better than the internet at CMU. Go figure.

Also to note that at 1:30pm and 3:30pm the various Nao teams (us, CMU/GT, Austin Villa), are giving Nao demonstrations to the adoring public. The nBites crew had a cool demo prepared with the two robots, one which made a movement while the other mimic’d that movement (through wireless communication, not vision if I understand correctly). However, as I’ve heard happens when you breathe upon them with a foul temperament, the Naos broke right before the demo. Hopefully having Aldebaran Robotics representatives from France will get things moving in the right direction as RoboCup hits peak season pre-China.

UPDATE:: I just had to this great idea that they should stream the video over the internet, using their MacBooks and ustream so that Tucker, my mom, and I (the Northern Bites fan club) could watch the game without delay. However, CMU is making them walk like a 1/2 mile to get on the internet. What crap!

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